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HATUN PHAQCHA, The Healing Land

The Healing Land showcases the cultivation and uses of various traditional crops domesticated in pre-Columbian Perú, and features the people involved in this millenary activities.

Taking the viewer through the culturally and biologically diverse regions of this country, the film highlights the remarkable health benefits and nutritional value of products that are often unknown or overlooked.

The Healing Land will show you why it is so important to preserve these crops and increase uses in the diets of people across the world.


Our Insight

There has been an explosion of interest in Peruvian native foods and gastronomy that is attracting people from all over the world. Yet, paradoxically, many Peruvians — as others across the world — suffer high levels of anemia and malnutrition. We want to help people rediscover the value of underutilized Peruvian crops that could help alleviate many nutritional deficiencies in Peru and elsewhere.
Delia Ackerman, director.

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Let's change the rules to have a healthier planet.

Climate change is having an impact on our food resources; further global warming could be devastating, requiring us to create awareness among the population and generate policies to prevent genetic erosion of agro-diversity that sustains and enhances human diets. We aim to impact the public and decision makers with a creative and attractive documentary on the need to conserve agro-diversity for our health and that of future generations.


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Film crew

Delia Ackerman
actor actor
Javier Arciniega
actor actor
Juan Durán
actor actor
Margarita Morales Susana Bamonde
actor actor

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Delia Ackerman is a documentary filmmaker based in Perú. She was a Fulbright Scholar with a Bachelor's degree in Communication Sciences from the University of Lima, and a Master’s degree in Journalism from New York’s Columbia University.
Her independent film productions include: "The Medicine of Forgiveness" (2001), “Hands of God" (2004), "Returning to the Light" (2008), “The King of the Desert is Dying" (2008), “Voices That Heal" (2011), “Mother Ocean” (2011) and “Wings of Life” (2014) among others.

Delia's films are about the conservation of our nature, culture and memories.

Javier Arciniega, editor and postproducer, has more than 20 years of experience in the cinema field. What distinguishes him is his blend of technical and artistic mastery. He worked in many productions as producer, cinematographer and, chose finally editing for the last 15 years.
He has collaborated closely with Delia in documentaries and commercial films for over 10 years.

Juan Durán, a cinematographer, discovered the magic of film while studying film at the University of Lima.
As a cameraman and cinematographer, he has worked in several documentaries shot in 35mm, 16mm and video; and has filmed in different countries of Latin America and the USA among them for National Geographic, Skylight Pictures and CBS. Some of them received international awards.
In addition to his work in documentaries, Juan has participated in 32 feature films. This has led him to experiment with a variety of optics and challenging lighting conditions.

Our producers: the best of the best

Margarita Morales and Susana Bamonde (La china), producers, with over 30 years experience in film and television. They have worked in Peru but also in USA, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela and Dominican Republic, among others. Their TV productions have been distributed throughout the Spanish-speaking countries. They have been producers of among the most recognized Peruvian films and TV shows.


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Web credits

Some images are property of PROMPERU and were taken by Flor Ruiz "Quinua crops", Alex Bryce "Moray platforms", Renzo Tasso "Pachamanca", Musuk Nolte "Quinua plants", Janine Costa "Cusco landscape", Gihan Tubbeh "Corn varieties" and Alfonso Zavala "San Pedro Market".
"Four Caiguas Vessel" is property of the Larco Museum Collection.
"Hands with Potatoes" was taken by Delia Ackerman.

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